22nd Blog Awards

I thank Mommy Lalaine for giving me this award. Thank you for the thought that I deserve this because of my blog substance and blogging from the heart.
God bless you Mommy Lalaine and thanks for all the prayers that you have given for me.
I am sharing this award to Mommy Juliana, Mommy Janet, Mommy Mabelle and Gamay. Not only that there blogs are written from the heart but for their excellent attitude of positiveness that transcends oceans to touch other’s hearts….they have touched mine.

Mommy Juliana, who always visit my blog to make sure I am OK.

Mommy Mabelle, who listened when I was online.

Gamay, who visited my blogs always.

Janet, who gave fervent prayers.

And back to Lalaine and her husband…who prayed for my family.

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