697 Unique Visits!

Yesterday was very unusual for me. I was really shocked to see 697 unique visits to my site! So, when I checked my account to see where it came from, I was more amazed to see that 608 of it came from Correct me if I am wrong but that is MSN’s search engine!

Having such raw traffic from a search engine, I immediately checked on my adsense account to see if there is some increase. I saw an unfortunate find; I only earned less than a dollar for that. LOL!! 😀

Oh well, though I earned less than a dollar, it is already a great feeling to have that much amount of traffic as personal blog. It would not be shocking if I was blogging about a certain niche of informative topics but as a personal blog that talks about more on life, interests, opinions, finds and fascinations, that was already an awesome number.

Anyway, I hope to get more on this but will not literally “work hard” on it. I will take the all the learning on SEO and traffic generation, one at a time.

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