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A New Look Every Now and Then

Again…just in few days, I decided to change my look. It seems that I wanted to have a look that reflects my personality and all the little cute things I love in the digital world. Well, as usual, I am not yet finished but I am so happy that I am starting on a project that I am really passionate about. A blog of my dreams and my likings…not for a page rank but for my own self-expression and for my readers convenience and amusement. I hope you enjoy the look of my blog every now and then. I am not an expert on these things but I love to manipulate codes and templates. Do you want to see what the original template looks like? CLICK HERE. Then you will have an idea how it thrills me to change things and experiment along the way.

7 thoughts on “A New Look Every Now and Then

  1. hi ruby, my blogs have been to a lot of revamp before i got the look that i want, the one that reflects my personality and easy for my readers to read.

    minsan nga lang kung problogger ka tlg, u’ll choose between functionality & personality 🙂

  2. You can reach me by email by clicking on my name. When you get to my profile click on email and that will open an email box.

  3. thank you for leaving me a comment and stopping by. i believe life can be pretty much nicer when you want it personalized in all aspects.

    God bless!!

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