A Simple Note

Hello guys!! Mommy is still here. But she is not in best mood to write since she is suffering both physical and emotional pain right now. She will return posting soon. By the way, she still owe a lot of people from Project Exlinks (please contact her soon so she could start giving the freebies) but she needed the details before she make arrangements with the advertising company.

It’s weird….I am not used to treat myself as the third person in my blog. Anyway, just trying to make a laugh. See you soon guys…I am just resting

2 thoughts on “A Simple Note

  1. Just passing by here to see how you’re doing. It’s good to see you writing even just a short note…take as much time as you [and your body] need.

    Take care always….and I want that teddy bear that the cat is hugging in that picture…hahaha.

    Smile will ‘ya…eventhough your heart is aching….like they say..after the rain there’s mud…este a rainbow pala.

    Mommy J

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