A Special Day of Gratitude

Today is a very special day for me. I may not have everything that I have wanted (a complete happy family) but I believed God has plans for me.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Creator for another year in my life. He has been very faithful in my life!…my parents for bringing me here on earth and nurtured me until I grew up to be the woman as I am; for the support and staying beside me in my decisions.

…my children for making me smile always. They just simply take my breath away.

…my hubby for making me a strong woman that I am.

…my half-siblings for treating me as your baby ever since. I am grown-up now, OK.

…my friends, offline and online, for being supportive in so many ways.Thank you very much for celebrating this special day with me! Please enjoy the food. he he he he…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Mommy Ruby!

    Wishing you lots of love, happiness, and more online earnings! 🙂

    – binx

    Goodbye Heartbreak

    Little Miss Anonymous

  2. charm says:

    Happy Birthday mommy ruby…wish you all the best in your life….sarap ng food…

  3. LxndreaSB says:

    happy birthday my dear friend!!!
    god bless you n your family!

  4. Pinay WAHM says:

    Got this message from Birthday.com. I think it summarizes what I want to wish you on your birthday:

    “Hope this day is as special as you are.
    Count your life by smiles, not tears.
    Count your age by friends, not years.
    I’m so glad you were born, because you brighten my life and fill it with joy.
    May the years continue to be good to you. Happy Birthday!
    You’re not getting older, you’re getting better.
    May this year bring with it all the success and fulfillment your heart desires.”

    Mommy J

  5. Pinay WAHM says:

    Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.

    Happy Birthday, and may all the wishes and dreams you dream today turn to reality.

    May this day bring to you all things that make you smile. Happy Birthday!

    Your best years are still ahead of you.

    May each and every passing year bring you wisdom, peace and cheer.

    You’ll always be forever young.

  6. ces says:

    happy happy birthday! great timing! kinda new in the community and slowly getting the feel of all the activities going around…may you have more to come!!!

  7. Vhiel says:

    those foods looks yummy.. happy bday girly…

  8. mjsterling says:

    Happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! ayan kinantahan kita ha kahit sintonado lols..just wishing you a good health and more happiness in life…

    by the way sarap naman ng cake mo pahingi ako ha one slice lang lols

  9. janet says:

    happy birthday to you!

    may the Lord God bless you, honor you, shine His face upon you… and that you become a blessing too to your family, kids and friends!

  10. mxyzplk says:

    happy birthday 😀
    I say it 2 times via IM and this comment 😀 hahahaha… those foods looks great, I hope you can send it to my house.

  11. Pamela Kramer says:

    Happy Birthday! That cake looks yummy.

  12. JesuLalaine says:

    WOw! the day has finally come..Happy Birthday RUBS!!! pila na imo edad? hehehe!!

    God bless you on your birthday and the days and years to come. ..

    ” For God’s plans are not to harm you but to prosper you and to give you a HOPE and a FUTURE!

    God bless!

  13. Mommy Elvz says:

    Happy Happy Birthday!! Wish you more blessed years to come.

    “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven:.. a time to weep, and a time to laugh.”– Eccl. 3:1,4

    God transforms trials into triumphs.. A word of hope for you sis to cheer you up especially on this very special day! :)God loves you.

  14. Xee says:

    Happy Birthday, Mommy Ruby! May your wishes all come true! More power to your blogs. God bless you and your family.

  15. Dhadha™ says:

    Happy happy birthday mommy ruby! 🙂

    May the good Lord continue to shower you with lots of blessings.. 🙂

    God bless! Enjoy your day! 🙂

  16. chinita says:

    hi sis, happy birthday! wish all the best and be strong..


    pinaywife atbp
    laugh out loud

  17. Pearl says:

    happy birthday, Mommy Ruby!

    I wish you all the best in your life. May God give you all that wish for. He may delay some of the material things that you’re asking for but I’m sure He will make it up to you by giving you a loving husband and wonderful kids.

  18. Scotty's Princess says:




  19. faeryrowan says:


    May God bless you today and everyday. May He also grant you the dearest desires of your heart. Know that all things, good or bad, happen for a reason…all of them for your own good. 😉 Enjoy your special day, Mommy!

  20. elaine says:

    Happy Bday to you! Live life to the fullest. 🙂

  21. pink says:

    Happy Birthday Mommy Ruby! Your blog rocks! Wishing you more blessed years to come.

  22. carlamaldita says:

    happy happy happy birthday sis!

  23. {girl}forallstatus says:

    happy birthday mommy! How young are you? Hope you get everything your heart wishes for today =)

  24. Crissy says:

    happy, happy birthday!
    more blessings to come!

    Crissy’s Haven
    Crissy’s Zone
    Crissy’s Library
    Vis Vires

  25. Michelle says:

    Happy Birthday! I just happened to stumble across your site on your special day. What a coincidence! I am sending you lots of well wishes on your happy day!

    Michelle :o)

  26. wandering elephant says:


  27. Kcee says:

    Happy Birthday, Ruby! I wish you peace of mind, more blessings, good health, and a great future ahead! *hugs* 🙂

  28. Hawksdomain says:

    Happy Birthday to you!! 🙂

  29. Matthew S. Urdan says:

    What a great post! Happy Birthday and god bless you and your family for all your blessings!

    Matt Urdan

  30. chorva says:

    late ako, pero who cares!

    happy birthday mommy ruby!!!! wish you all the happiness in the world. don’t worry about your hubby, malalampasan nyo din yan 🙂


  31. Z'riz says:

    hiya mami! nag IM ko nimo to greet you yesterday! medyo busy so i wasn’t online a lot the past few days…

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope you liked my virtual gifts! heheheh and yeah…nice au imo foodie!!!


  32. Jomari says:

    The most beautiful music your mother has ever heard was the sound of your first cry the day you were born.

    Happy Born Day Mommy Ruby! Wishing you all the good things in life, good health, happy family life, more successful blogging career. 😉

  33. Ana, Chica & Pumuckl says:

    Happy Birthday! We wish you all the best and hope all your wishes will come true!

  34. eastcoastlife says:

    Happy Birthday Mommy Ruby!!
    *throws rose petals*

  35. AbBy says:

    happy birthday blogger mom!!!

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