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Yesterday, I was able to access my blog. I read some comments and approved them. After awhile, I went to bed because I was not able to sleep the whole night. I bumped into some problems with my hosting business because the server’s data got fried causing all blogs that I hosted to be down.

When I woke up, I could still see blog since I didn’t turned off my PC but when my friend told me she was having a hard time finding my contest posts. I checked and looked for my post URL, and that is when I noticed that I couldn’t access my blog. But when I use a proxy site, I could access it. So, I waited for a few hours maybe all it needed was a little clearing and all but when I returned, it was still down at my side. It got me a little frustrated, so I did all the basic troubleshooting remedy but still I couldn’t see my blogs.

Then I remembered that sometimes when I am using our internet router, I am getting connection problems. Since my hubby is not using the internet, I detached my connection from the router and went direct. There at last I was able to access my blogs.

Anyway, I know it’s really frustrating when you couldn’t access your blog that is why I am monitoring the problems that happened with my blog hosting business. Though it was beyond my control, I still worry because a bad reputation may ruin my business and I don’t want that to happen.

Now, it’s already 12:00pm and I am still awake. The whole night I was thinking of a better solution for this problem. I have decided to leave that data center and charge everything to experience. The money that was lost was hard earned and I was not able to regain it back, even just for the capital that I have put up. But of course I will not leave my clients! They are my friends too and I don’t want them hanging. So, I bought a new domain name for my new blog hosting business in a new server. I know there is no such thing as a perfect hosting but I believe there are reliable ones. Maybe later this evening, after I get some rest, I would be able to re-launch my blog hosting business again. I pray that this new data server would be more reliable. As for my old domain name, I have thought of a better way to use it. I will announce it soon after I set it up. 🙂 Something that will definitely help fellow bloggers like us.

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