I wasn’t able to post as often as I can lately. I have been busy trying to drop 100 ec cards for PMO and LM blogs. I wanted to see the “Alright!!” when you reach 100 drops. But unfortunately, it really does take time when you see nice blogs. You can’t help but pause and read. I was amazed to see very good blogs by Filipinos. It really makes me proud.

Aside from dropping, I am also busy doing my PTC updates and clicking my mouse. Sometimes people think you don’t earn from these things, but honestly, we can! I have been paid many times already in few programs (some are scams too). Anyway, I was updating my top 20 lists of new PTC sites that I am going to try. I am doing offers for this too at my other blog. Since, I am finalizing, I haven’t posted my offers yet. This is what I do aside from blogging opps. It really pays to surf with this kind of programs. You get to see many sites and get paid at the same time.

Do you want a buzz for your blog?? If you do, I will do it for FREE, please visit LM for more details.

Anyway, I am here…finalizing and organizing and clicking the mouse. I will be back a little later. Gotta take care some dinner errands. See yeah!!

5 thoughts on “Alright!!

  1. Hey….

    Grabe at super busy ka ata palagi. I have not gotten the hang of the E-card thing yet. Still learning the ropes so to speak. If I am not that lazy to read then I probably would read more about it BUT….tamad me…hehe.

    Anyway, enjoy the coming week kahit medyo buzy…

    Mommy J

  2. naku nakakatuwa naman ang mouse na yan! heheh! anyway, mommy ruby, yung lang ang pwede? if isa lang then use this one na lang to promote! thanks a million!

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