And the Winners are…

July 25, 2008

…the following!!!

1st Prize – crissy (claimed)
$50 cash – deposited directly into your PayPal Account + 3000 entrecard credits!!

2nd Prize – Blog Contest (claimed)
$10 cash – deposited directly into your PayPal Account plus 2000 entrecard credits!!

3rd Prize – bunny (claimed)
$5 cash – deposited directly into your PayPal Account plus 1000 entrecard credits!!

Since winners can only win once, some who have been mentioned several times were removed to get the final list of 20 consolation prizes of 200 entrecard credits each.

1 – lalaine (claimed)
2 – Live It Up
3 – dimaks (claimed)
4 – aeirin (claimed)
5 – ghing
6 – Momhood Moments
7 – Dhadha (claimed)
8 – HBP (claimed)
9 – Blogger and The Blog
10 – glf (claimed)
11 – Life and Me (claimed)
12 – Only in Silence
13 – mukhangpera
14 – The Healing Process
15 – A Stellar Life
16 – Sherry (claimed)
17 – iCreate+iDeas (claimed)
18 – Buhay Pinoy (claimed)
19 – Thoughts and Opinions of a Filipina
20 – Happy Thoughts, Happy Tot (claimed)

Congratulations to all of you guys!!

For those who did not get it this time, watch out for my next contest on November 2008 for my 1st Blog Anniversary.

Thank you guys for joining and hopefully you would not delete your posts, link and cancel subscription. he he he…

To all winners, please send me your PayPal email, Blog’s Name and URL where I will be sending your EC credits through CONTACT FORM. Thanks!!

For the complete result, please click here. Again, thank you guys!!!!


~/~ Birthday Bash Sponsors ~/~
Make Money Online – 500ec ~ ·´`·.¸.»| j u l i a |·´`·.¸.» – 1000ec ~ Aeirin’s Collection – 1000 ec ~ Deranged Insanity – 500 ec ~ a {GIRL} for all status – 500 ec ~ Blogging resources, tips and money making ideas… – 750 ec ~ Faery Dancing – 500 ec ~ Our Journey to Forever – 250 ec ~ Lainy’s Musings – 250 ec – A Campaign for Non Violence on TV – 1000 ec ~ ulupongdotcom – 1000 ec ~ Contests,Giveaways and A Little Money – 125×125 Banner for 1 month ~ Crissy’s Haven – 1500 ec ~ Dashing Smiles – 500 ec ~ Straight from the Heart – 300 ec

PS. I will be going to go to the dentist today to get my molar bands attached. Be back later!!

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  1. Woohoo!! I won! 🙂
    I sent you an email via your contact form! Thank you SO much! Hope you have a lovely birthday weekend! x

    bunnybox9 at lycos . com

  2. Like congrats to all the winner…
    You b’day bash was a success though i wasn’t able to take part in it got a bit late ..! ^.^

    I left a linky love for you

  3. hello po… ng laag laag lang ko..

    hope you can visit my blog po..

    daghang salamat..


  4. Congrats to all the winners!

    mommy Rubz where do I send the EC credits? Please let me know ha.

    Happy weekend muuahh!

  5. Hey there,
    Belated Happy Birthday girl! Hope all works out for the better!

    And wow I’m glad I won 200 Ec credits too.Here’s my id btw;)

    And to all the other winners Congratulations!

  6. all who claimed at this point. all prizes sent already!!

    thanks for stopping by guys!! have a wonderful day ahead!!

  7. yey mommy ruby! i won 200 ec entries! yahoo! thanks. sure to join your next contest =)

    wandering elephant

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