Another Thing That I Am Thankful For

Yesterday was indeed a happy day for me despite the fact that it ended not so well between my husband and I. It was a day of celebration for accomplishments achieved for the past few weeks. Let me explain why…

Last week, as I mentioned in my Facebook status, I was able to meet Enrico Dee of Byahilo – Ito Ang Trip Ko with his friend James Toga. We had a discussion about a few things that made me so excited (thanks to Eric for the meet-up!). Aside from the discussion, James treated us for sumptuous snacks (thanks James!).

Anyway, the reason why I was excited will be explained by the photo below:

Yup! You guessed it right! I got one of my articles published in our local newspaper alongside Eric! Thanks to James Toga who is working at Negros Daily Bulletin, I got my second media appearance (though the first has no picture only my name appeared on it)!

The great thing is if they find more interesting articles on my blogs, they might publish them on a weekly basis. That means I am getting free advertising from my area! Yehey! What a blessing this is!

So now, I am thinking of writing many interesting articles like basement dehumidifier perhaps or maybe about earning money online? Well, whatever it will be, I hope they find it interesting the same way as you my readers, followers and visitors find it here.

Again, thanks Eric and James for making this possible! Thank you Lord for such blessings! Cheers for more blessings for all of us this 2010!!

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  1. aeirin says:

    wow… galing mommy…

  2. Paula says:

    That’s really wonderful, sis! Ibang level ka na ngayon. Sikat ka na I’m sure! Ang laki ng picture nyo sa dyaryo e. Congrats!

  3. how to ollie says:

    Great post. I’m always looking for great blogs and I really like yours.

  4. Mitch says:

    Wow! Good for you Mommy R!

  5. Nhil says:

    Blessing nga yan sis, galing mo talaga! :)Talagang good things come to good people… keep it up! 🙂

  6. Bogcess says:

    Congratulations! Indeed let’s count our blessings. 😉

  7. Carol says:

    wow!!! congratulations mommy rubs!!!!! well done and keep it up! starring gid pati si bella kag si kuya…..abaw ang ang sling ko pa gali. 😀 amo tong article nga gisulat mo about babywearing ang na-publish?

  8. Lalaine says:

    pwd mgpasign ug autograph? heheh! congrats rubs!!i’m happy for you and you truly deserve it!

  9. eric says:

    yey mommy ruby!!!

    kitakits sa CNY!!!

  10. carlota says:

    wow- congrats mommy Rubz! I’m happy for and well deserved! Puede na siya i-frame.

  11. BK says:

    Congrats on the media exposure! I’m sure many more will come for you. 🙂

  12. Sherry says:

    that’s great sis so happy for you

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