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Baby Redness

Remember the time when my son got HFMD? Well, I asked the doctor if my other children will get it too since they were exposed to my son. She told me that I need to wait for about two weeks for the symptoms to be visible.

After two weeks, redness appeared on my baby’s skin that looked like rashes. I was so alarmed knowing she might be suffering from HFMD. With that in mind, I monitored if she will have fever. Fortunately, she didn’t have any fever. But still I immediately researched for probable ways a baby might get red rashes. One of them is eczema in which US study shows that it affects 20% of their infant population. So, I double check what eczema looked like and when compared to my baby’s redness it was not the same.

Anyway, after a few minutes, the redness was gone. I am not sure if it was an infection or I was being so over worried if my baby will suffer HFMD. Well, whatever was it. I am glad it’s gone. It’s really hard having a sick baby in the house. She is too small to suffer pain. Don’t want that to happen!

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