Been Busy Attending Flowers

I wanted to update my blog daily but unfortunately, my busy schedule has made even busier because of the arrival of my father last Sunday. He spent Christmas with us. And with that, I have to take him to places and spend time with him together with the kids and mom. He will be leaving for Manila next week.

Since I am a little bit occupied, this blog and others have few updates. But if you want to see my latest status updates, I can be found at Facebook tending my pet’s flowers at Petville or collecting taxes and rent at My Town and Home Inn respectively.

Anyway, I will try to update my blogs as soon as possible. I have many things to share but I only have a little time to do it. So probably next week, I will have new posts and updates. So please, stay tuned always!

Again, continue enjoying the holidays! Best wishes for 2010!

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