Before and After


Which do you prefer? Darker tones or lighter tones?

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  1. Ennah d Student says:

    i like more lighter tones.

  2. Mommy Elvz says:

    i like the lighter mommy 🙂

    Mommy Elvz
    Mighty in Spirit

  3. faeryrowan says:

    I used to like darker tones, but lighter ones are pleasing to the eyes and very appropriate for mommy blogs. Love the new colors! Pareho tayo pink! Hehe! 😉

  4. Sherry says:

    I prefer the new one and I still don’t know to change template. How you do it?

  5. Mommy Ruby says:

    hello guys! thanks for dropping by. i am so glad you liked it.

    @ sherry, i learned to changed template the hard way last year but i found useful tutorials at please do check out her tutorials.


  6. Crissy says:

    i like the dark one because i like dark colors…hehehe

    Crissy’s Haven
    Crissy’s Zone
    Crissy’s Library
    Vis Vires

  7. Tidbits Of Tammy says:

    I definitly like the lighter.

  8. Noemi "Mica" Watson says:


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