Bella Turns 5 Months Old!

Since my best friend went home to their place, I became busier than ever because nobody can assist me in taking care of my children except for my mom who is already old. So yesterday because of my busy schedule, I only remembered to take pictures of Bella when she was already asleep around 10 in the evening. Why was the picture important? Yesterday, she turned 5 months old!!

Yes, my little Bella, has grown another month closer to her first birthday this coming September.

She is now more active and more demanding as ever! Here is my angel on her sleep mode at 5 months old:

Well, at least I have a picture taken than nothing right? 😀

3 thoughts on “Bella Turns 5 Months Old!

  1. I missed having baby, you know especially when they are so well-behave like an angel, just like that,she is sleeping and I can watch her all day but I’m not sure if I still want or ready to have another one although we keep our options open,we never know.God always works in a mysterious ways. 😉

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