October 14, 2008

I am going to Bacolod right now. Since I will take an indefinite blogger’s leave, I thought of making a definite blog contest aside from my upcoming blogversary.The mechanics are simple…

1. Link up permanently with Pinay Mommy Online at your blog using my chicklet below. (required – 5 entries)


<a href=””><img src=””></a>
2. Make a post with your answer to the following question… (required – 5 entries)
“There are two cities in the Philippines that are called the City of Smiles and the City of Golden Friendship. What are the names of these cities?”

City of Smiles – Answer City
City of Golden Friendship – Answer City

3. At your post, please make sure that you put a link to my home page and to this post. (required – 5 entries)4. Subscribe to my feeds via email (optional – 3 entries).

That’s all folks, simple and easy! So what is at stake??

Prizes are as follow…

First Prize: $15 via Paypal plus 1000ec credits

Second Prize: $5 via Paypal plus 800ec credits

Third Prize: $5 via Paypal plus 500 ec credits


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  1. Mommy fist ako heheeh well here is my entry…may kasunod pa i will a post also in my money blog hehe. Anyway here is the link in my first entry: my answer is also there oh oh oh i can put my answer here….Bacolod is the city of smile and CDO is the city of friendship taga didto gud ta hhhe. I did some canvassing work in Bacolod for once summer and i like what i experienced there. Ilonga tawo didto…

  2. wow, ang dali nito! ang isa sure na sure na ako, dyan kasi ako nakatira.. oh dba?! hahah! 🙂

    btw, mommy dun ko pala ilagay ans ko sa post ko? eh d yung iba d na kailangan mg effort mag think kasi kapag nalaman na nila sa mga post namin, gagayahin na lng nila.. booo.. what if email na lng sayo? LOL.. 🙂

    Btw, done linking you with the chiklet.. andun sa sidebar ko.. then finished subscribing na rin.. fremrie_garcia[at]yahoo[dot]com ang email na ginamit ko.. 🙂

    here’s my pot with your link sa homepage and contest post:

  3. Hi, I’ve done the following:
    1. Subscribe via email (wiehanne[at]gmail[dot]com
    2. Post the chiclet at my sidebar
    3. Post it here:

    with link to your page and the answer is in white color (you’ll need to highlight it)

  4. hi mommy ruby! I joined your contest… here’s my post…

    I subscribed with your feed through this email add, triciamgalvez(at)gmail(dot)com

    and your chicklet is now on my sidebar.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  5. Hello! I joined your contest too. 🙂
    I did the following:
    Linked you up permanently.
    Posted about the contest.
    Linked your home page.

    Goodluck to us all!

  6. Hi Mommy Ruby! Just entered your contest today. Weeee. Hope I`ll be lucky.
    I`ve already subscribed to your blog via email and I already post an entry at my blog about this contest and you may check it out at
    Happy vacation! Enjoy po kayo! Tara na biyahe tayo!

  7. I am still subscribed to your blog using sherrygo at rocketmail dot com.

    I put your widget on my right bar.

    blog the contest and answer

  8. hi mommy, my entry is up –

    karon pa jud. na busy pud kunuhay ko.

    done everything required in the contest. hope am in and i hpe i win. 🙂 hehehee

  9. just join the contest mommy!! Enjoy your vacation!!!

    Anyway, I posted about this contest on these following blogs:

    Subsribed you via

  10. Hi,

    Have put your chicklet on my blog, answered the question, blogged about your contest and subscribed by email.



  11. Here’s my post

    And I have your link on my side bar ^^



  12. Ate Rubs, sending you my entry:

    hope & pray I'm one of those lucky winners…hhehehe

  13. Mommy Ruby, welcome bck… my other blog joined, too…

    1. Link up ……5 entries

    2. Make a post…done here…5 entries

    3. to the home page and to the post…done…5 entries

    4. Subscribe…done with shebadoo2008 at gmail…3 entries

    Total of 18 entries for me. Thanks!

    ~Mama Sheryl

  14. Mommy Rubs, done all as per contest mechanics…

  15. Hi Mommy!

    I hope you’re enjoying your vacation there!
    Anyway, here’s the permalink to my entry:

    I also subscribed to your feeds.

  16. hi mommy ruby! mye here and i’m joining your contest too!

    1.Already placed your chicklet on my blog,
    2.answered the 2 questions,

    3.blogged about your contest

    4.subscribed by email (

    thank you!

  17. submitting my entry for your contest!i’m excited, hehe…by the way, i hope you find answers to your questions and you get back to CDO sound and safe…

    subscribed here too: []

    great to hear from you soon..TC!


  18. Hi there,

    I’m in.

    1. Added your chicklet (right sidebar)
    2. Make a post with answer at
    3. Subscribed with email nhc.******

    Thanks 🙂

  19. mommy ruby joined your contest too! i did everything:
    -added the chicklet in 2 blogs
    -subscribe to email
    – posted my answers here:

  20. linked here:

    blogged here:

    link to the contest and the homepage

    subscribed using bukikifeeds@ at

    18 entries total 🙂

    thank you and good luck! 🙂

  21. Hello po~ pasali ako! ^^

    1) added your chicklet in my sidebar (5 entries)
    2) blog post with answer: (5 entries)

    3) linked your homepage and your contest post. (5 entries)

  22. subscribed using cahkon*** at

    blogged here: with links

    and also put the banner here:

    thanks and good luck!


    subcribed to your feeds :

    I have your chicklet in my sidebar. Gudluck to all!

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