Blog Template Make Over

March 21, 2008

I am really sorry about how my blog looks right now. I know it is very messy. Actually, I have decided to make a blog template make over and it just so happen that I could not continue to refine it now, since it’s already 5:25am. I am not sleepy but I need some rest. You know, mommies needs to wake up a bit earlier than everybody to prepare food for breakfast or brunch. Hehehe….

Anyway, I hope you will visit again later and check on the finality of this new make over. I hope to finish this over the weekend. Enjoy this for now! See yeah later!!

Comment before you go. Thanks!

  1. hi rubs..looks cool! I’m sure it’ll be pretty after you’re done with it…you really love PINK !

    by the way, this is lalaine..i forgot to log out from my other blog.

  2. even di pa tapos yung pag gawa mo ng template nice pa rin mom rubz 🙂
    have a good easter to ur and to your entire family!

  3. it’s funny. i just did a makeover for my blog too.

    your template looks clean already. mine is still a mess. probably because it’s rounders. will have to do it up again.

    happy easter to you!

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