Blog Template Make Over

I am really sorry about how my blog looks right now. I know it is very messy. Actually, I have decided to make a blog template make over and it just so happen that I could not continue to refine it now, since it’s already 5:25am. I am not sleepy but I need some rest. You know, mommies needs to wake up a bit earlier than everybody to prepare food for breakfast or brunch. Hehehe….

Anyway, I hope you will visit again later and check on the finality of this new make over. I hope to finish this over the weekend. Enjoy this for now! See yeah later!!

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  1. Lut says:

    girl, if you have domain blog with PR2, please email me at I have some offer for you.

  2. carlota says:

    so far so good. can’t wait to see the final looks. like the template.

    take care.

  3. Jedaiah Lyle says:

    hi rubs..looks cool! I’m sure it’ll be pretty after you’re done with it…you really love PINK !

    by the way, this is lalaine..i forgot to log out from my other blog.

  4. lis says:

    hello, happy easter! hope you hunt loads of eggs, happy hunting, bye

  5. joriz says:

    I think your template is better now, content on the leftside. I’m also redoing my template…most of the time(“,)

  6. RickaVieves says:

    even di pa tapos yung pag gawa mo ng template nice pa rin mom rubz 🙂
    have a good easter to ur and to your entire family!

  7. janet says:

    it’s funny. i just did a makeover for my blog too.

    your template looks clean already. mine is still a mess. probably because it’s rounders. will have to do it up again.

    happy easter to you!

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