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September 11, 2008

The blogger was silent for a few hours. What did she do? Well, she just slept herself in. HA!
This pinay mommy blogger just thought she deserves a break after being awake for almost 24 hours yesterday. She was cleaning and tweaking her blogs. It’s been awhile since she looked at them individually since the advent of her newer blogs last month.Anyway, she is still not finished. There are more tweaking to be made and assessment on what banners to bring down and what should remain. Actually she is doing this because she is preparing for her main blogs First Year Anniversary on November, prior that she will have a pre-anniversary contest again to announce her main contest. Anybody interested to become a sponsor?? Just email her and both of you will talk about the details, OK?

She has to go for now, she has to continue tweaking and updating her blogs. They looked like a hurricane have passed by them. ^_^

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  1. almost 24 hrs? wow- where do you get that energy? wink*…

    I have noticed your blog is a lot faster to load up now. must have a lot of cleaning huh? anyway, please count me in to become a sponsor… Thank you.

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