1. Willa says:

    mars, ok lang ba sa kanila na i post ang bank account info nila?baka kasi instead na may tumulong eh i hack pa ang account nila,alam mo naman mga hacker ngayon,mga walang sinasanto.

  2. Pinay Mommy says:

    Tama ka Marz. I just copied the account details from Mommy Jade’s post. Siguro edit ko na lang yan for safety purposes. Thanks for the heads up!!

  3. shydub says:

    I read that too. Ill send it later marz. i was looking for paypal button in the post pero wala akong makita. praying for the little angel

  4. Jade says:

    Hi Mommy Rubz,

    Thanks for posting this…sana talaga matulungan natin sila para nman masaya ang first Christmas nila together as a family.

  5. Grants says:

    That’s very kind of you.

  6. Clarissa says:

    Just sent a donation to baby Ric Andrei,praying for him and his family.

  7. Anna-Liza Geronimo Calixto says:

    hi..this is anna the mother of baby ric … thanks for posting this blog … malaking tulong din to samin … and thank you in advance po sa mga tumulong at tutulong po…God bless you all

  8. Pinay Mommy says:


    Hello Anna! Kamusta na pala si Baby Ric? I saw this post kasi while I was browsing and I remembered him. Just hope and pray he is OK now.

    God bless!

  9. Anna-Liza Geronimo Calixto says:

    hi po ok na po si baby ric lapit na syang mag 1 yr old on 11/11/11 and thanks God he is fine now with the help of all your prayers and financial help from all those people who have given us financially…he stayed more than 2 months sa hospital and he survived on that thanks again…God bless us all!!!

  10. LOURDES says:

    It sure does feel good if you know that you’re helping someone and kinda changing their life.

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