Brittany Murphy Dead at 32

I just learned from Facebook that Brittany Murphy who rose to stardom with movies like Girl Interrupted, Clueless and 8 Mile died due to a cardiac arrest at 10:04am, Sunday. It was really sad since she died at an early age of 32.

Brittany Murphy Dead at 32

I thought 2009 will end peacefully without claiming another celebrity but I was wrong. Death has taken its toll on Hollywood again, from Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Dominic Dune and now Brittany Murphy.

Most of the common thing about these celebrities is that they died because of health deficiency which made me think that celebrity or not, we should take care of our health. This is the only thing that matters when you want to live a full life with your family.

For 2010, we should eat right to live right! Go Health for 2010!

5 thoughts on “Brittany Murphy Dead at 32

  1. Korek Mommy Ruby!

    The news sent some shivers to my bones. She’s too young! This made me even more determined to look after myself. I am still struggling to keep my hypertension at bay.


  2. this one was a shocker…..as much as Heath or Michal’s death….though i won’t say i was a fan of her…..but i liked her in Riding cars with boys and Happy Feet……

    May her soul rests in peace…..

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