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Bulging Tummy and Protruding Bones

When my hubby and I got married, we were both thin. Over the years, he gained weight and I never moved an inch. He looks very macho and handsome now except of course his bulging tummy and that is why I encourage him to lose weight. As for me, I really wanted to gain just a little bit just to refine my protruding bones. LOL!!
Anyway, we really wanted to do something about it but we always forgot. We have grown busy over the years and maybe hoping it would change by itself. Hehehe… Seriously, we are really planning for it but maybe next year when I head back to Bacolod.

2 thoughts on “Bulging Tummy and Protruding Bones

  1. naku parehas pala tayo sis, ang aking asawa when we are just starting kasi nga we married when we are still in college eh patpatin talaga. kaya when a college friend saw us, he jokes us at sabi “ANGLAKI daw ng pinagbago naming mag asawa” akala ko naman in terms of kabuhayan…yun pala in terms of MALAKI nga hehhehe

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