Busy. Busy. Updates!

Again, it has been another busy week for me. It seems that my busyness have become never ending these days. My entire work loads have been piling up as days pass by. Aside from that, I needed to prioritize the overhauling of my blogroll, moving Blogs Haven to another data center, setting-up my new online businesses and of course doing my assignments.

Oh well, I guess this is how I should be doing in the next couple of months. All the things I have been doing are part of what I called better blogging and becoming a true stay-at-home mommy netrepreneur. Though it gives me terrible back pains and sleepless nights, I just ignored them. I know these are just but birth pains I needed to go through if I want to achieve a goal.

Anyway, since my experiences were more on sales, I decided to build an online store. Don’t get to excited but I am not selling anything tangible but only digital products and services. These of course are all designed to help others have their own businesses online. For short, I am into business to business field.

Maybe you are thinking right now that I might venture into selling POS gadgets and software. Well, I am into selling those types. I am more into “mommy helping others to earn money” by assisting them in building their own businesses online. Does that sound exciting?! 🙂

Oh well, I have to go a little bit. I need to fulfill my motherly obligations to my son and run some errands outside the house too. I will be back later. As for the business I have in mind, I will announce them later on. As for now, just check-out my blog hosting services at I have already gathered satisfied customers. Maybe you would give me a chance to be of service to you? 😉

4 thoughts on “Busy. Busy. Updates!

  1. Hi, mommy… Do you also offer a service of customizing and personalizing a WP theme? Or do you know one who can do it for me?

    Yung cheaper lang mommy ha? thanks Hehehe

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