Calling in Sick

I am really sick. Aside from my two children who were already sick last week due to some cough and colds, I have finally joined the wagon with a terrible colds that is bringing me down. My apologies to all. I may be actively blogging but I couldn’t do blog hopping and all other extracurricular activities that I really enjoy. It’s just that I felt so weak and so drowsy with a running nose (as in tumatakbo talaga!).
I will “try” to get back to all those who left me a message at my cbox, comments on posts, emails, YM messages and PMC forum & cbox. Please forgive.Officially, the blogger is calling in SICK!! (I hate to be sick.)

6 thoughts on “Calling in Sick

  1. Awww…hope you feel better soon. You’ve been working real hard. Do get some R&R. Take care always, Mommy Ruby!

  2. thank you very much guys for visiting me. i am just around. as you can see, i am tweaking my blog again while waiting for some task. hehehe…

    anyway, got vitamin Cs and some h20 already. love you all guys!!!

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