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Caring through Blogging

This post is dedicated to all those who left a message wishing me to be OK. It really feels good to have friends to really read your post and very kind enough to leave you a comment. I know my life is such a crap but some people find ways to express concern and love.
I admired blogging because of this. Far away people can always express love and friendship through this medium. It makes me feel loved and that is why sometimes in my little ways I would really try to show my love and concern as well (no need to be credited though but sometimes other bloggers really shocks me in so many ways with tribute posts and donations).Anyway, guys, you know who you are and I hope you know deep inside your hearts that I appreciate all your cares. I can’t really repay with one single post but only God can. And I will leave a prayer in my heart for you.

As for my back pains, I did have a massage yesterday but the pain is still here. I have been sleeping and resting most of the time. I have many pending ops already and have passed few chances to earn more. So please bear with me if I will post a lot of my works and some tags delayed.

As for Pinay Mommies Community, I wanted that project to succeed that is why I am working so hard for it. The goal of PMC is to make the bond of all bloggers much stronger. Though sometimes people think bloggers are emotionless because you only see words, but in this medium, a lonely person somewhere may need your comfort and you are the only closest friend that she could ever get. PMC is also goaled to help many Pinay Mommy and Wife bloggers to have quality backlinks to help their Page Ranks. Eventually, this is the project that I know that I can do online to show more of care and love to my fellow Pinay Bloggers. Hope to member mommies and wives be active.

Well, I have to rest for awhile again. I could not stay that long but try to blog more later.

2 thoughts on “Caring through Blogging

  1. hi there! thanks for stopping by my blog, you have a very nice blog. yeah, it seems that with blogging, i have a different world…

  2. Hi lady – I sure hope your back pains end soon… will keep you in my prayers…

    P.S. Got your invite for PMC – thank you! I will be checkin’ it out as soon as I can find some time to get caught up (sigh). So easy to fall behind, isn’t it? Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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