Colleges of Top Thinkers

With all the commotion of great and rich business-minded people being drop-outs of college, is college still that important in this day and age? Look at the infographics below, you can see that most known people still went to colleges and universities. Only a few didn’t and still made it big time.

Earn a MFA Degree and become one of these smart thinkers.

As for me, I would still prefer to send my kids to college and later on teach them basic skills on running a business. So just in case they won’t find the perfect job they want, they could still opt to run a business of their own. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Colleges of Top Thinkers

  1. I agree!^^ Iba pa rin kapag may pinag-aralan ka.. kahit hindi ka maghanap ng work. kung kaya naman magsariling sikap at magtayo ng sariling pagkakakitaan, why not? 🙂 Study hard lang talaga^^

    1. well yes education is important its a must but just like Donna says its the individual decides their fates, i have relatives whom graduated sa Uni as everyone is running to go to a Nursing school so sila din ,,,, now ano wala sila work and nagtitinda na lang. so im not against education but skills is also a must…

      like says ng boss ko bakit you send your kids to Uni spend all the hard earn money of all the OFW then they end up working in the hospital with no salary.

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