Dating and Slimming Down

Earlier, I have made a post about me recommending my sister some match making sites for her to try online dating again. Well, she heeds my advice very much. She signed-up for membership. But now, we still have one big problem. Her insecurities have taken the best out of her because she has tremendously gained weight after giving birth to her child through a CS operation. She is at least three times larger than before.
So, she asked me to help her slim down. Since, she can’t do strenuous exercising because of her cut, I told her to try using diet pills. Using some safe and effective pills might help her lose some weight. A few light toning aerobics would also help together with a balanced and healthy diet.

She liked the idea and got excited again. So, I searched the net for highly regarded diet pills. After a few searches, I was able to come across with Acomplia and Reductil. They have several good reviews but these diet pills need a prescription before you can buy one. I told my sister, we can’t buy directly but she must visit a doctor first and seek advice.

After hearing this, my sister wore a smile on her face and told me that she is happy that there is a chance for her to slim down!

2 thoughts on “Dating and Slimming Down

  1. Hi Ruby, I visited the Influential Blogger blog and I read that your entry to the contest has not yet been completed. Sayang, baka manalo ka. Complete your entry now. Take care and all the best. Thanks for recommending me.


  2. I have to admit that I’m a bit leery of diet pills… not that I’ve taken any or want to 🙂 I think it depends on your body type. Still, it’s a great way to easily shed the “excess” our bodes lug around, right? Cheers, Mommy! 😀

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