Delayed Travel

Yes! I am still here. I think it’s normal for Negros Navigation to be delayed as always. It’s been like this since I have started travelling back and forth from Bacolod to Cagayan last year. I think they are just too confident since they are the only passenger ship servicing this route. If only there would be a competitive liner against them, I would gladly sail with the other!

Oh well, I guess everything has a purpose. My husband wanted to accompany us to the pier and because of work he could not make with the schedule. Since the boat is delayed and will arrive later around 8 to 9 pm, he will be able to go with us. Isn’t that nice! Aside from that, the book that I ordered was supposed to arrive yesterday but it didn’t come. And guess what?! About a few minutes ago, the book arrived! I have a book to read while traveling now. Surely, everything really works together for a good purpose.

Anyway, I hope the boat would not be delayed anymore. It’s been delayed for many hours already. I just hope it wouldn’t be like before, instead of arriving Wednesday at 6am we arrived Thursday – because of the super delay they had! Grrr…

6 thoughts on “Delayed Travel

  1. I hate delayed flights! I just got back from New York and was waiting at the airport for 5 hours! Hope you had a much better flight.

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