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Dining Set Project

My husband and I have yearly projects that we usually buy to add into our home. This year we are planning to buy a dining set because what we are using it only made from scrap woods and plywood. We want to have a descent looking dining set and probably some pendant lights above it.

Anyway, I am already on the lookout for some affordable and descent looking dining set. Most of what I have seen have glass table which made me fear it might break because I still have kids. If I buy a wooden set, it is much expensive but it looks more durable and will last for years.

2 thoughts on “Dining Set Project

  1. it’s good that you are able put some money aside for a ‘monthly project’ aside from the usual monthly expenses. if you can wait much longer, you can wait for sales from appliance/furniture stores that they have at the start of the year, bago ang annual inventory nila. they give huge discounts during that time. good luck 🙂

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