Dream Destination Number One: Paphos

Have you ever wondered what it is like to travel to a place rich in culture, tradition and characters which are far different from those that you are accustomed to? Well, I have. In fact traveling to far-flung areas and exploring what other countries and cities have to offer is one of my life-long dreams. To some, the idea may seem far-fetched. But for me, I intend to work hard to finally realize that dream in the near future.

Now you may be wondering where I plan to hie off to given the chance. Once place I would love to visit is Paphos, a coastal city southwest of Cyprus. I think I have this uncanny affinity to things Greek – Greek gods and goddesses, Greek mythology, Grecian cities. I even love Grecian inspired clothing! Anyway, Paphos is one city that boasts of crystal clear waters and awesome seaports. I don’t know about you but for me there is something mysterious about strolling along the beach in the dark of night with only the glittering lights from nearby ships, docks and houses illuminating the way.

Since I plan to one day avail of cheap flights to paphos, I have decided to find out more about the place. More than what I have read in one magazine. I have found out that it is referred to as “the home of Aphrodite” being that it is said that the said Greek goddess emerged from the sea of Paphos. The city is slowly regaining its position as a major port which it lost during the British rule and now it is evolving as a major tourist center. Dams and proper roads have been built, and money has been spent on development of hotels, restaurants and luxury villas to attract tourists. All these make me want to visit the place even more!

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  1. gagay says:

    pagkalamia mu-laag nganhi mommy rubz! 😀

  2. Shydub says:

    Hehehe so from kefalonia mao ba na to paphos ta ani hehe, daghana mn nimu ug grasya sa SR marz. I wish tuloy tuloy

  3. jasmin says:

    Actually mas maganda talagang magtravel sa Europe kaysa sa States.. Ang daming historical places na pwedeng i-visit.

  4. Ane says:

    I am Greek Mythology buff, so one of the places I really would love to see is Greece.. 🙂

  5. mela says:

    hope someone will give me an all-expense paid trip for two to Greece!but first i need to renew my passport 🙂

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