Excited to See Them *

Last week I was planning to attend church at Jesus the Shepherd so that I could meet up with some of my blogger friends who happen to be my friends in real life. But there was a change of plans because my husband surprised us by following us here in Cagayan, so we went to our own local church to meet up with our wedding godparents to also discuss with some plans for next year.

Since hubby has already left for Bacolod last Tuesday, hopefully (God willing) I will be visit my friends this Sunday. It would be pretty cool to worship God together. Anyway, I will be meeting Mommy Lalaine of Lalaine’s World, Mommy Bogie of Bogie’s Wonderland and my cousin Mommy Phebie of Love’s Haven. Hopefully we will all have the chance to meet up and chat in real life. We haven’t seen each other for many years and this would be the only time we could bond again once more before I leave for Bacolod and Lalaine for Malaysia.

I am so excited. I want to meet their children too. I will be bringing mine as well. It would be perfect for some photo opportunity!


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  1. Twinks says:

    Yeey! I’m FC here Mummy Ruby!
    Good evening!

  2. Twinks says:

    That’s is exciting. Meeting other bloggers who happens to be your real-life friends also. Can’t wait to see the photos Mum Ruby. 😛 😛 😛
    Enjoy your get together. Keep us posted!

  3. gengen says:

    Hi mommy how are you? Got you a tag just want to know more about you…TC

  4. Becca says:

    I hope that you do get this opportunity this weekend. Enjoy them if you do!


    Please visit me at http://www.askbecca.com

  5. Phebie says:

    wow…we too are so excited to see you this sunday….

  6. praning5254 says:

    hi mommy!

    That would be nice to see your friends in blogging anf in real-life, too…

    I was at Bacolod last March 15 and we really didn.t get the chance to see each other.

    Hopefully, we can meet soon when my students will be having their internship there at Bacolod this May and I will be with them as their Clinical Instructor…

  7. Have a great time Ruby, u deserve some time off, have fun! 🙂 😆

  8. Sheng says:

    have fun! take care!

  9. kunthanraj says:

    Every Thing At Your Feet

    hello nice work keep up the great work..keep gooing..rockkk.. ing….

    chcek out mine and how do you feal..pls..


  10. Bogie says:

    hi, mommy rubz…i’m excited to see you in person. ha.ha.ha.

  11. mel says:

    hi there

  12. Lalaine says:

    Ako sad! yehey!

  13. Sheng says:

    Hi! Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

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