Experiences with Philippine PayPal Withdrawals

September 1, 2008

In my search for a more convenient online banking, I have finally finished experimenting three major banks. Just this morning, my latest earning withdrawal has been successfully deposited to my BPI savings account. My first try was with UnionBank’s EON, the second one was with BDO and lastly, with BPI.
Actually, all three banks are convenient when you want to withdraw your earnings from PayPal but not all the three are in terms of online banking. Well, UnionBank’s EON and BPI proved to be useful for me while BDO is very inconvenient. Their process on enrolling your account really takes time and involves many manual procedures. Aside from that, they don’t run automatically with FIREFOX3. You need to download a script so that you can access their online banking site. I might need to give up on my BDO account soon since BPI is a suitable bank for my hubby and I while EON works well online (for me, I think debit cards are much safer than credit cards at least you can control the money you put inside it and since there is no maintaining balance, you can zero it out always). But BDO is more accessible when it comes to offline sites that is why it’s hard too.Anyway, if you want to withdraw your earning with the following banks, here are their nine digit bank codes:

Visit my other blog for the complete list, please click Philippine Bank Codes for PayPal Use.

I have used them using my PayPal account. Feel free to use them if you want. Just make sure your bank account number is correct to prevent penalties and delays.


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  1. Hi Mommy Ruby! Sana ma experience ko na rin mag withdraw sa paypal.

    Kaya lang mailap ang opps sa kin ngayon eh. kelan kya ako makaipon. i hope mr G will be good to me malapit na October. Nai-stress na ko! hehehe

  2. Hi 🙂

    Just wondering if there were fees for the withdrawal. I haven’t withdrawn my paypal earnings yet, I have BDO, Chinabank and EON, and syempre sana walang extra charges, diba? 🙂


  3. hi mommy ruby =)

    very helpful lahat ng posts mo about paypal!! maraming salamat.

    More power to your blogs and God bless =)

  4. Hi! I just wanted to ask..what’s the longest waiting time you’ve ever gone through when withdrawing from PayPal to your BPI account? I made a withdrawal last October 28, 2008 and the money was credited to my BPI savings account by October 31. I made another withdrawal last December 2 and PayPal sent me a notice that it should reflect in my bank account by December 9 but it’s still not there! I’m getting really worried 🙁

    bluenyquis at

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