Farewell Sprikanights

Last night, I posted about my pet dog Sprikanights. I mentioned that she is weak and sickly.

Today, after I woke up from my nap, my mom informed me that Sprikanights have passed away. She was one year old and three months.

Honestly, I felt so sad! I felt that this new house that we are renting is not bringing me luck with pets. Just the other week, my adopted kitten also died accidentally because suffocation and now Sprikanights. I felt guilty for leaving her to my previous landlady for seven months. I felt so bad inside. If only the landlady where I rented for seven months allowed her to stay, I should have brought her. Now, that I found a place that I can have her, she is now gone.

Anyway, I also fear that my remaining pets, Korina (a male cat) and Panda (a female dog), will get sick or die in an accident. Thinking of it makes me sadder. 🙁

Oh well, I am mourning my pets right now. I am sad with what happened. So, please bear with my gloominess right now.

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  1. melandria says:

    so sad naman sis. 🙁

  2. Willa says:

    ouch….:( Kawawa naman si Sprikanights.

  3. rj's mama says:

    that is so sad. i would love to know more about you and your love for pets

    hope you can link me up and join the daily party 🙂
    you’re invited to a BLOG PARTY!

    i would really appreciate it if you can grab the badge and write a post about the blog party 🙂

  4. LauraSanchez says:

    awww, that’s so sad, I am really sorry about your pet, but don’t think it is going to happen to your other pets, be positive and you will see everything is going to be fine.


  5. Shydub says:

    Awww I feel sorry for your pets mommyrubz. Maybe they dont like the ambiance of your new abode. Kami nga sa bahay namin sa CDO, nilalagnat ang pamangkin everytime we bring him there. kaya nagpa blessing ang mama ko kasi dami daw malas at mga ispiritu grrr.

  6. Liezl says:

    Awww. This is sad. I feel for you Mommy Rubz. Patay na din pala fav puppy ko at home. 🙁 Si Teddy. hayz.

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