Fax and More Fax

Most of the time when I deal with my credit card companies, I am always asked to fax this and fax that! Though I have a landline phone at home, I don’t have a fax machine. So, the hassle of going out to a business center just to fax documents really makes me tired.

So, I looked for ways on how I could incorporate faxing and the internet. With this, I could probably save time going to and fro a business enter. In my search, I was able to chance myself at They are selling a product named FaxAgent. This product is used mainly by companies that would like to have a business solution that would lessen the expenses on fax by using the internet as a gateway and not the fax machine (through landline). This product has two models, one that can cater VoIP Fax and the other Analog Fax.

How I wish they have something smaller that could help individuals like me. Their product would be very useful and financially convenient. By the way, the FaxAgent is capable to fax broadcasting, yup, sending a single document to many fax machines. This is good when you have different branches to send a document to. Very neat huh?

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