Finally Finished!!

Finally, everything that is bulky is now put into place. My home office furniture is all assembled and the air-conditioning unit installed. My children and I are now enjoying a place of our own. Before, we used to sleep at my parent’s room and share it with them. Now, we have our own place where we can spend time together just the three of us. It’s also a place wherein I could work and think or just do whatever I want.

The next step that I am going to work with will be placing my books at their proper shelves. But I guess that would be another day or week, I felt tired with all the strenuous activities of assembling and installing stuffs.

2 thoughts on “Finally Finished!!

  1. Hey Mommy! I bought the same set, too, and I had somebody assembled it. It took him 4 hours to finish all 4 pieces. I can’t imagine you doing it yourself!

  2. thank you for the visit mommy! actually my father helped with the table. i did all the bookshelves. but screwing all of them really is stressful to your arms. 🙁

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