First Day Flunk

My mom left for Cagayan de Oro yesterday because my dad badly needed him. He was sick. So, today is officially my first day as a SAHM and house wife.

But unfortunately, I flunk my first day as a full-time wife and mother! I was not able to wake-up early to prepare breakfast and packed-lunch for my husband. Actually, I heard my cellphone alarmed but I closed my eyes again therefore I was into deep sleep again. When I woke-up, my husband was already dressed and no smile on his face. He was also late. He didn’t talked to me much. I asked if he was angry with me, he only said “maybe.” After that, he just went off.

Yesterday, he called almost 4 times at home checking us out (it was bizarrely miraculous, he only does that when he wanted something or about to do something that would hurt me). Well, today, after flunking my morning responsibilities, no calls received.

Well, I hope he doesn’t judge me on the first day. They say first impression last. I hope flunking won’t last that long!

4 thoughts on “First Day Flunk

  1. Yes, sis. Give yourself a break. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Flunking on the first day will not define how you do as a SAHM. I’m sure he was just upset because he did not want to be late. He’ll get over it. 🙂

    And on being a SAHM. It’s something you get better at as time goes by. I should know… 🙂

  2. HI Rubz,

    I got amused with your term you “flunk” on your first day of being a SAHM..hehhe! In my experience there are always ups and downs on being a SAHM, waking up very early or waking up late..there are times that house is soo clean or house so messy..or maybe it’s just me..hhahaha!If I were to be graded,then I don’t know what my grade will be. 🙂

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