Got tagged by realities.

1. Chicken sa McDo, Jollibee, or KFC?

:: Jollibee.

2. Pepsi, Coke, or rootbeer?

:: Coke.

3. Greenwich, Pizza Hut, or Yellow Cab?

:: Pizza Hut.

4. Adobo, sinigang, or nilaga?

:: Adobo.

5. Beef, pork, or chicken?

:: Pork.

6. Starbucks, Coffee bean and tea leaf, or Gloria Jean’s?

:: None.

7. Cornflakes, Honey Stars, or Milo cereal?

:: Milo cereal.

8. Goldilocks or Red Ribbon?

:: Red Ribbon

9. Tokyo Tokyo, Teriyaki Boy or Rai Rai Ken?

:: None.

10. Take Out or Dine In?

:: Dine In.


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  1. mjsterling says:

    wow si Jolibee miss ko na to sobra…

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