Gala Gathering

A couple of months ago, I got frantic because I was invited to a special gala gathering at the nearby mall. But it was a special event for the local folk because it was a celebration of beauty, of success, and of entrepreneurship. It was a beautiful gathering but the invited guests were asked to come in a formal red attire.

What? I have not gone to anywhere special for a long time now. And because I gained weight I did not have evening dresses that fits me. That plain sucked. I asked my friends if they can have nice red dresses that they could lend me. But since I was taller than most of them, I could not fit in their clothes.

In the end, I had to buy a special short dress. It was not a long dress, but at least it was nice enough for evening wear. And I had black high heeled shoes to match. Haha I really felt special and pretty in that red evening dress. I wish I can do that more often again, to have my hair and face done for the evening. Maybe I can do that soon. I will keep my fingers crossed. It would be nice to attend a wedding party and do just that.

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