Gift for My Only Son

I promised my son that for his birthday this year we will go to Manila and visit some of the theme parks in the city and the one in a nearby province. It’s still a long way off so there’s plenty of time for us to save and plan for our trip.

I’m sure the trip would be more than enough but I’m still planning on buying him a gift. I have my eyes set on a Nintendo dsi and I want to surprise him with that. I haven’t bought him anything the past couple of months and I’m sure he will love it when he receives the handheld gadget.

I was reading reviews about it and I found out it roughly costs around $150.00 so it’s pretty affordable. I just need to work a tiny bit harder so I can also buy more downloadable games for it. I think I better start looking for games now.

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  1. wow!!! nintendo dsi! how i wish mommy rubz the time i was yet a kiddie meron ng mga ganyan..hehehe..hanggang gameboy lng ako nun!LOL!

    happy mother’s day mommy rubz!!!

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