God’s Provision in Our Lives

For the past couple of years, we had experienced tough financial times. Thankfully, God has seen us through and my personal faith was strengthened.

Sometimes, it is just a miracle how God provided for us but He did. It is not like I can sell my annuity because honestly, there is nothing to sell.

But somehow, during the tightest situations, it seems that miracles upon miracles just happen where our needs and some of our wants are even provided. Indeed, He works mysteriously and I am just in awe with His greatness.

I cannot just claim that it was my hard work that provided for us. It was God who has given me the talent and the opportunities where I can use my talent.

10 thoughts on “God’s Provision in Our Lives

  1. so true… sometimes we become unfaithful to Him and yet, He remains faithful to us and renews His love and mercy everyday for us. God is great indeed.

  2. Aww what a nice post and it is very true. All we need is to trust God (and of course work our butts off) and he’ll provide!

  3. amen to that, mommyrubz.. He is indeed our Jehovah Jireh. God is never early and He’s never late in providing our needs and our hearts desires. 🙂 He remains faithful to us even if we fail to be faithful to Him at all times. 🙂

    We just have to trust God’s heart. 🙂

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