Going Back to School Thoughts

My mom and dad are convincing me to go back to school. They want me to take up a second course on education or nursing because I have many relatives that could help me get work abroad. But I always declined the offer, I mean if I were to go back to school, why not take something that relates to my previous course – Civil Engineering. I graduated from it but was not able to take the board exams because I was pregnant.Anyway, I also told them that there are a lot of professional engineering courses online that could add up to my knowledge. If they don’t want me to work at field-based then I can specializes on design. Take up courses like Solid Waste Disposal Facility – Design Criteria or UV Disinfection Systems for Drinking Water – Planning and Design at In that way, I can still blog and also learn new skills at the same time.

But of course, there are still a lot of choices to be made. Priorities must be set first!

2 thoughts on “Going Back to School Thoughts

  1. Hi! I noticed you’re thinking of taking classes related to your course. Anyway, a friend of mine is a CE too, he took up an AUTOCAD class in TESDA (twas only for one week).. i think there many WAH jobs that are looking for AUTOCAD designing… 🙂

  2. hello shenzee, thanks for stopping by. your comment really interests me. i just wondered if they have a program like that available here at my place. need to check with out local TESDA first.

    thank you very much for sharing!

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