Going Slim!

So the hunt for the best way to slim down is still on. Like I always say, I am not really that desperate about being slim again. But it would nice to stay fit and healthy, right? Shedding off those extra pounds would definitely make me feel a lot healthier. Wearing my favorite jeans waiting for me in my closet would also be a treat. Hmmm. I can imagine how I could boast about it to my friends. Haha!

Maybe I should consider reading some reviews at It is always wise to look at costumer’s reviews before trying on the product myself. Looking at those “before and after” photos would also be fun—I always get fascinated by those. Not that I want my photos to be in one of those, but why not? I could be one famous celebrity if that happens. Haha! The thought of it makes me laugh!

5 thoughts on “Going Slim!

  1. i want to be slim but i;m not exerting much effort. i am currently taking slimming tea but too lazy to exercise.

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