Great Posters

My friend makes great posters. I mean, she does the design and layout. Sometimes, she even handles the conceptualization of stuff, be they advertising materials or event backdrops or poster designs. Many people seek her creative services even if she just works freelance. She delivers work on time, too.

Eventually their family’s business evolved to printing posters and other tarpaulin based and vinyl based stuff. I think that is cool that they do layout and design and now they have their own printing. I also get discounts from them!

I would like to have something like that something, even just desktop publishing. But for now, I will just concentrate on my blogging and online business.

5 thoughts on “Great Posters

  1. that’s a nice business. income opportunities for printing press are not limited, and if you get a big customer, that where the dollars come in. good luch

  2. Yes, to me, any sort of printing business is a great business to have! I have worked for many printing companies. If any of your are looking for die cut decals then I hgighly recommend They specialize in custom die cut decals and just like Print Direct they are also decal manufacturers (meaning they print all of their customer’s decals in house).

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