Home Buddies in Us

My husband and I are really fanatics on home entertainment. We wanted to make our home a center of every entertainment we can afford so that we could stay at home (me and my kids are real home buddies except my hubby). Staying at home lesser expenses and more home bonding!

Some of these home entertainments we are planning to buy are a home entertainment sound system, an LCD TV, a foosball tables, bean bags and PS3. Actually there are more on the list but I just mentioned some of those that we might buy in the next three to five years.

How about you? Are you home buddies like us?

2 thoughts on “Home Buddies in Us

  1. I am a homebuddy,and if computer is not an option, I’d rather read a book than to watch tv, but hubby on the other hand, can spend a day watching tv. adik yun eh! 😀

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