Hopes. Hoped. Hoping.

Ever wondered what happened to the “I Love You” Series?? Well, it was just as good while supply lasts. It ended a long time ago. Oh well, just what I have said, I enjoyed it while it lasted. I know that a person could not really change overnight. It would take a lifetime or a miracle to make the “I Love You” Series lasting.

Anyway, I am expecting another comeback this coming Friday. I am sure he will because his salary falls on the 27th and his ATM is with me. It’s just so irritating! I have his ATM but he asks more than his salary. Hays! What a wonderful marriage!

But of course, there is nothing new in my life. I am still hopeful that someday life will turn its tide. ^_^ That will not be tomorrow. It may happen on the next few years or the next decade. I think what matters now are the HOPES I have in me. If I lose this, I think I would probably drop died by now. LOL!!

IMAGE COURTESY OF www.devinemusic.org.uk

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  1. genny says:

    Life really lots of spices without that life doesn’t have the taste. Don’t worry mommy you deserve a lot just be patient….

  2. Jade/Momma Wannabe says:

    Keep your hopes up – but while doing that don’t forget to love and take care of yourself =) Smile and have a great day!

  3. naomi says:

    yeah sometimes the situations we are in were quite unfair but if you keep your hopes up, everything would turn out ok…

    never let go of hope, i’m sure hope also will not let go of you…hehehe

    maayong gabii, mom rubz…

  4. Purpled Sky says:

    you are amazing, do you know that? i wonder if your husband realizes that.

  5. Mommy Ruby says:

    hello mommy gen, thanks for the visit. yeah, i am trying to be patient. as in super patient. LOL!!

    @ mommy jade, that is sometimes a big problem for me. i think i have stopped loving myself ages ago. thanks for the comment.

    @ mommy naomi, maayong gabi-e pud diha. yeah, i am really planning not to let go (another i hope). hehehehe

    @ purpled sky,i think some men are not meant for that – “the realizing part.” thanks for the visit mommy. ^_^

    thank you all ladies for coming.

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