How do I drop thee?

September 6, 2008

Every blogger has different ways or methods on dropping. So, the question is, how do a stay at home mommy like me drop? With other concerns aside from my blogging life, how do I do it?

Well simple. I just drop. Nothing special about it since I am not a power dropper, I just drop and drop. Though I have my own preferences when dropping, for example for this blog: 1) I drop to all my favorite blogs, 2) I drop to those who dropped at my blog and 3) Drop to widgets that I find interesting until I reach 300. For my other blogs, like Mommy Makes Money Online and Blessings and Beyond, I just drop on my favorite blogs and those that dropped there. The rest, I just drop back to those that dropped at my blogs. I don’t strive hard to reach 300 for all only for this blog.

Technically that means, if you drop at my blogs, definitely you will get a drop back from me. Maybe not all in my blogs but most on my domain blogs.

So, how about you? How do you drop? Any preferences?


Comment before you go. Thanks!

  1. @ fatherlyours, yeah same here. i am not a power dropper. i just try to drop for my main blog. 🙁

    @ mama bok, thanks for dropping by again. dropping is actually related to entrecard widget. something that could help blogs gain more traffic. you can get more additional info here: thanks!

  2. I usually visit my inbox first to drop.I am not a power dropper because of very limited time I spent in from of my computer.Then I try drop those who are in my blogroll.

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