1. mitch says:

    We use this at work too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Willa says:

    wow! galing mo naman. I do have my gmail account pero hindi ko sya masyado feel gamitin!

  3. Shydub says:

    Very smart tutorial post mommy marz. I have gmail too but I don’t use it too often and ill stik to yahoo and what i know para di makutaw ako utok hehehe. This info will be usefull to lots of gmail users. Thanks for sharing.

  4. bluedreamer says:

    Blog Idol just got started earlier today, you can cast your vote now, at

    Thanks a lot for participating!

  5. Nica M. says:

    Great post mommy Rubz! Will definitely try this one later!

  6. gengen says:

    Wow galing ni mommy oy grabe ako ra ni sundan ug di na mabusy ako life. Mommy send na diay nako ang prize ug gift for Bella last week…Hope you like it.

  7. melcole says:

    Oh cool! Will try this one too! Thanks for sharing Rubz!

  8. Laura says:

    I think this is a very good tutorial, many people would really appreciate it.

    Thoughts of a Career Woman

  9. moviechrome says:

    Thanks sa info poh.. siguro eto rin ang ginagamit nyo ngayon sa blog ninyo noh?

  10. JayL says:

    I just used a email redirection for my new email me[@]blog-phdotcom and just redirect it to my current gmail, is that the same procedure?

    yours was so long kase eh, pero it work nmn for me. my question is: is that reliable? would i always get the emails from that? please help :star:

  11. admin says:


    No, it is not of the same procedure. Redirection is different from configuring your email account. You really use the email with “” using a gmail platform. 😀

    It’s long because I wanted to make it clear and understandable even to non techie people.

    Yes, it is reliable. :yes:

  12. vivapinay says:

    thanks for the detailed tutorials Ruby.

  13. mark says:

    Perfect… great tutorial dear.. made mine Too..

  14. gene says:

    thanks mommy rubz! naayos ko na siya. see what emai i’m using now? mas mabilis pala maprocess kapag direct sa host.

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