I am Back to Ghost Writing

It’s been months since I have done my last ghost writing service for others. I think it was last April 2008. It was my main stream income back then when my blogs have no page rank yet. I have stopped because I was not able to accommodate writing for others while I had my own. Aside from that, hubby was already complaining because I was not able to attend to the family because I was always at my workstation.
But now, as opportunities are rare, I started joining contests to compensate but it’s always about luck and not a stable monetary stream. So, I have decided to go back into ghost writing again. But now, I am lucky to have a good benefactor. No pressure. Higher pay than before and the good part is that I got paid before I write. Awesome, right? Definitely! This is a big blessing to me and my family.

How about you, have you considered ghost writing?

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  1. lurchie says:


    I’ve always been into ghost writing. ehehe.. where do you get stuff like that?

  2. Carlota says:

    how much do you charge? myweblogdesigns@gmail.com … see if i can afford. wink*

  3. KCee says:

    Hi Ruby,

    That’s great! Care to share specifics? I’d like to try it out sometime. 🙂

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