I Heart Hoot Suite and Google Reader

Just a few weeks ago, I started using Hoot Suite and Google Reader. To my surprise, both of them made my online life much easier particularly with twittering, blog reading and commenting.

With Hoot Suite, I can add up all my twitter accounts in one page. I can follow, tweet and re-tweet all at the same page.

As for Google Reader, I get to read all my favorite blogs with their updated posts all in one view. So, I can immediately click on the post and comment.

Since my life got easier now, I think I don’t need to look for acne treatments that work. I think I won’t get acne anymore because my life online is a little easier compared before!!

3 thoughts on “I Heart Hoot Suite and Google Reader

  1. Haven’t tried the Hoot Suite yet since I’m using echofon, I love google reader too, mas updated ang feeds unlike sa bloglines.

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