It’s Not Always a Hut

I love the sea! Well, who doesn’t love white sand and the blue waves? There is something about going to the seaside and experiencing the beauty of the sea. The whole experience can refresh you.

As you spend time by the sea or on the beach, it can be quite a cool experience as well to do so in a Cabana. This is the small hut with a thatch roof. But cabanas are not always found by the sea. There is also Cabana application for one’s mobile. I also know of beaches using Cabana as its name or part of its name. It’s quite interesting really that Cabana also refers to other things rather that just the thatched hut we know.

7 thoughts on “It’s Not Always a Hut

    1. You’re not alone, same scenario here… we always plan to go on beaches but at the end we ended staying overninght on private pools.

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