January 2011 Top Commentators!

The first month of 2011 had ended and now, its time to recognized all those who have made their great effort to visit and comment on my blog. :yes:

But before that, I would like to thank all my commentators, visitors and readers for always coming and leaving comments here!! Muah! I love you all!!

Below are my Top 10 Commentators for the month of January:

  • Tina (25)
  • Willa (24)
  • Shydub (23)
  • jared’s mum (9)
  • mona (9)
  • Pinx (9)
  • shengkay (7)
  • Eihdra (6)
  • bambie (5)
  • bus crash (5)

And since my top three are close in numbers, I decided to feature three blogs for the month of February!!! Yay!!! Congratulations to Sis Tina, Marz Willa and Marz Shy!!!

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  1. bambie says:

    yipee! included ako sa list…sana i can keep it up para lagi ako included. thanks for posting this! 🙂

  2. Tina says:

    Wow.. thanks Mommy Rubz for featuring my Viva Pinay blog.. 🙂

  3. jared's mum says:

    wow, kasama din pala ako sa list..thanks for acknowledging mommy rubz..hoping to keep this up this february:)

  4. Willa says:

    Yey! I made it! :yes:
    Thanks mars!

  5. shydub says:

    Thanks once again marz for featuring my blog and for the linky juice. mwah

  6. jackie says:

    wow.. I guess this is fun! I will love to post comment here considering that I learned a lot from this blog…

    Count me in Mommy Rubz! :-))

  7. Mona says:

    wow, i belong 🙂 happy to be here always 🙂

  8. Jay-agent112778 says:

    visiting you via THE BLOGGERS EXCHANGE february-march edition

  9. shengkay says:

    yay! I belong?..


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