Juices and Worth

As a blogger, you make few efforts to make your blog look nicer, get traffic, and even get links with other bloggers for the sake of fun and monetization. Two of many fun ways of tracking your improvement are checking your blog’s juice and worth. Both widgets may look playful but these tools checks your blog’s ranks in alexa and technorati and even links connected to it. Here are the latest updates of my blog’s juice and worth.



My Blog Juice

My blog is worth $171,620.16.
How much is your blog worth?

So even in little ways, I can see the improvements that my blog had for the past few weeks. At least, in my little achievements, I can pat myself for an improving blog juice and worth.

Why not try it for yourself? Click on the PRESENT widgets, they will take you to the site where you will get your blog’s juice and worth. Have a nice day!

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