Just for Fun Contest

I have bought a new domain. I haven’t announced it yet. So just for sake of fun, I am inviting you to find nemo…err…I mean my new domain.

If you find it, send me a message at my YM: pinaymommyblogger with the domain name you have found. After that, once confirmed correct, leave a comment here with your entrecard details and I will send you 20 free ec credits for FREE!!

This fun-filled contest will end after 30 correct answers.

Good luck!!

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  1. Zriz says:

    mommy i found it first! thanks sa EC 🙂

    here’s my posty Finding Nemo errr Mommy Ruby’s New Blog

  2. aeirin says:

    Yehey I found it na rin….

  3. Ennah d Student says:

    Nakita ko na din.. Yipee! =D

    Title: Adventures of a Comsci Student

  4. Mommy Ruby says:

    congrats guys!! thanks for participating on my cute contest.

    27 more to go!!

  5. Maricel says:

    heheheh found it na. Sorry late na ako nag post ng comment 😛 thanks for the 20 EC’s! ^_^


  6. abelle | Only in Silence says:

    Hi Ruby! Thanks for the 20 and hope to see you drop by Only in Silence again ;o)

  7. faeryrowan says:

    Found it as well! Ahhhh…the wonders of bloghopping. Hehe!

  8. lurchie says:

    mee too!! by accident or something..lol

    @mommy ruby: u can give me the credits now..nayahahahhahaha 😀

  9. Mommy Cara says:

    Found it! hahha napakalost ko talaga . nakailang drop na ko dun ng entrecard,. di ko naisip yun pala yung bago hahaha!

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